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  • News Final Fantasy 16's Painterly Japanese Commercial Is Epic

    Packing a punch

    The Japanese commercial for Final Fantasy 16 goes hard – alarmingly so. This extended television spot features several renaissance (?) style paintings, which are animated in a kind of stop-motion style to bring them to life. While dramatic music plays in the background, a voiceover speaks in Japanese, presumably spouting deeply...

  • News Final Fantasy 16's PS5 File Size Pegged At 90.1GB

    Make space

    Pre-loading for Final Fantasy 16 will begin on 20th June, and now we have word of the release’s file size. As shared on Twitter by PlayStation Game Size – a reliable account which scrapes Sony’s servers for information on upcoming games and patches – the hotly anticipated console exclusive action RPG will weigh in at 90.18GB in...

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  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Small Forward Builds

    Small Forward and deadly

    Looking for the best Small Forward builds for NBA 2K23? The Small Forward, also known as The Three, is shorter than the Power Forward, and tends to operate as an all-rounder. If you're playing this position, your role will revolve around ball handling, playmaking, and shooting — but you'll also be required to excel on...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Shooting Guard Builds

    Shooting stars and Shooting Guards

    Looking for the best Shooting Guard builds for NBA 2K23? The Shooting Guard, also known as The Two, is usually the fastest player on an NBA team, and is responsible for bringing the ball down the field where they will assist or shoot the ball. If you're playing this position, your role will revolve around setting...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Builds

    A quarterback on the court

    Looking for the best Point Guard builds for NBA 2K23? The Point Guard, also known as The One or The Point, is often the shortest player on an NBA team, and runs the offense similar to a quarterback in the NFL. If you're playing this position, your role will revolve around assisting teammates and completing offensive...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Animations and Jumpshots

    Improve your output with the best animations

    Looking for the best animations and jumpshots in NBA 2K23? Finding the Best Builds is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to conquering the court with your MyPlayer in MyCareer: you'll also want to select and equip the best animations that will give you an advantage over your opponents. There are...

  • Guide NBA 2K23 Guide: Best Builds, Tips, and Tricks

    Your ultimate NBA 2K23 resource

    NBA 2K23 is the brand new basketball simulation from 2K Sports, developed by Visual Concepts. Inspired by the 2022-23 NBA season, the game features all of the official teams and players from the National Basketball Association, as well as the WNBA. In recognition of Michael Jordan's number, this year's game also...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Builds

    You've got the Power Forward

    Looking for the best Power Forward builds for NBA 2K23? The Power Forward, also known as The Four, tends to have similar physical attributes to the Center, although may be faster and have better playmaking and shooting abilities. If you're playing this position, your role will seek to bully opponents at both ends of the...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Center Builds

    Center of the universe

    Looking for the best Center builds for NBA 2K23? The Center, also known as The Five, is often the tallest player on an NBA team, and generally assumes the position beneath the basket on both offensive and defensive possessions. If you're playing this position, your role will revolve around collecting rebounds at both ends of...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Badges

    Beast out with the best Badges for your MyPlayer

    Looking for the best Badges in NBA 2K23? Badges are effectively equippable perks which boost the performance of players on the court, and are a particularly important consideration when designing your MyPlayer Build for MyCareer. Depending on what kind of build you create, you'll gain access to a...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: All Ronnie 2K Locations, Objectives, and Rewards

    How to find Ronnie 2K in the City and unlock Rebirth

    Looking for all Ronnie 2K locations, objectives, and rewards in NBA 2K23? If you're playing through MyCareer, you may have noticed the Rebirth side-quest which tasks you to Find Ronnie 2K in the City. However, tracking the Rebirth side-quest does not mark the NBA 2K community manager's location on...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: How to Earn VC without Spending Money

    Get rich with VC and make your millions

    Looking for ways of how to earn VC without spending money in NBA 2K23? VC, or Virtual Currency, is the primary form of in-game currency in 2K Sports' basketball simulation. You'll need VC in order to upgrade the Attributes of your MyPlayer in MyCareer. You can also use VC to purchase animations from the...

  • Guide Street Fighter 6: How to Unlock Alternate Costumes and Outfits

    Dressed to impress

    Looking for how to unlock alternate costumes and outfits in Street Fighter 6? You're probably going to want to be dressed to impress when you take your favourite fighter online, and may be wondering how to change up your chosen character's threads. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're going to explain how to...

  • Guide NBA 2K23: Best Settings

    Gain an advantage with Camera and Controller Settings

    What are the best settings in NBA 2K23? 2K Sports' basketball sim is a surprisingly flexible game, and you should spend a little bit of time exploring all of the options available to you and settling on the settings you feel most comfortably with. While a lot of the advice on this page is highly...

  • Guide Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Quickly in World Tour

    Strength in numbers

    Looking for how to level up quickly in World Tour in Street Fighter 6? The sequel's single player campaign is structured like a traditional RPG, and that means you'll want to level up your created character in order to improve their attributes in combat. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're going to explain...

  • News Breaking News! Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Have a Story

    And characters!

    In what is a shocking new direction for Final Fantasy — and the role-playing game genre as a whole — Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a story as well as characters. Hard to wrap your head around isn't it? But it's apparently the truth. Square Enix has released another weird developer update on the upcoming sequel. This...

  • Guide Street Fighter 6: How to Earn Drive Tickets

    Ticket to fight

    Looking for how to earn Drive Tickets in Street Fighter 6? Drive Tickets are a type of currency which function as an alternative to Fighter Coins in Capcom's sequel. These can be unlocked by fulfilling gameplay challenges, and used to unlock colours, stickers, emotes, and gear for your avatar. On this page, as part of our Street...

  • Guide Street Fighter 6: All Year 1 Character Pass and Ultimate Pass Contents

    Post-release party

    Looking for all Year 1 Character Pass and Ultimate Pass contents for Street Fighter 6? The Year 1 Ultimate Pass is the first major post-release expansion for Capcom's fighter, and includes all of the contents of the Year 1 Character Pass in addition to some bonus items. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're...

  • News Street Fighter 6 Fans Are Having Fun Creating Famous PS5, PS4 Characters for World Tour


    Street Fighter 6 has a very robust character creator utility, which you can use to make your own personal avatar to use in the World Tour single player mode or online in Battle Hub. Unsurprisingly, fans have already started using the tool to recreate famous video game characters, as demonstrated by this YouTube video which includes a...

  • Guide Street Fighter 6: How to Earn Money or Zenny in World Tour

    Cash cow

    Looking for how to earn money or Zenny in World Tour in Street Fighter 6? Zenny is the main currency in Capcom's RPG-inspired World Tour mode, and it can be used to purchase important items, like vitality replenishing food, stat-boosting cosmetic clothing, and gifts. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're going to...

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