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@CaptD viva la revolution indeed. I did my first insurgency straight away tbh… was a bit annoying as I hadn’t done a spec op until that time and then had to do my first one (while in a bit of a rush as I wanted to spend the afternoon with the missus) and struggled a bit to get the gist of what I had to do. Managed it in the end though and then went on to take out the insurgency leader. I’m guessing that the next insurgency will start a week after I took care of this one… but not entirely sure?



@colonelkilgore Yeah the new one will start on Tuesday and there will also be a shop refresh then as well. I don't like the spec ops, only because I hate that overheating mechanic it is cheap and a bit sheet tbh, a shame really because I think they could have done something a bit more engaging. I think it is probably more enjoyable in coop but solo it is simply not fun.



@colonelkilgore I have a feeling I'll like it much better the second time around. When I played this during the rough patch I had with gaming a while back, I probably should have just taken a break rather than push through it with game after game since it obviously didn't work until I just said screw it and played a game I knew would be a surefire hit with me (Mass Effect 3). I doubt I'll ever bother with the DLC, as I didn't realize it was crap until after I bought it, but I'll definitely return to Far Cry 6 at some point. I like open world games and I like FPS games, so it should work out in the end.

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