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Jaakko Jalkanen

Business Manager, Brella

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In an effort to smarten up the rather hidebound events industry, Brella was born. Brella is a smart engagement platform that leverages technology to remove the unnecessarily complicated process of finding the right people at an event.

Brella makes sure business events are all about brilliant networking and boosting learning. An event is the best place to find potential leads, clients, and contacts. Brella enhances the event experience by helping your attendees book meetings with the right people, helping them prepare and engaging them before the event starts. This improves the engagement rates, satisfaction, and return – which means more repeat ticket sales and solid event growth.

You would be able to measure the success with the real numbers of meetings that has happened in the event. Brella successfully avoids the chaos of haphazard business card hoarding. More than hundreds of thousands of users in over 50 countries have realized that Brella is the easiest way to organize networking at business events and conferences

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Brella is a networking tool for events, conferences and livestreams. It helps professionals to find the most interesting people and make new high value contacts.


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Improve customer experience & engagement


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As a start-up, the opportunities left untapped were many and still in the blind spot. For a thriving business in search of areas to improve and present better experience to their customers, they needed a survey tool that was flexible and proactive. They considered many survey tools to meet their rising, robust needs. The surveys were found to be resilient and the user interface was far too complicated for their customers. Brella realized that they were losing money and valuable-than-gold information without a dedicated survey tool in place.

They had hardly any engagement from their customers even after sending multiple reminders. Even though Brella was a platform that focused on providing a no-nonsense way for networking, they were left with no solid information whatsoever!


Realizing that a more flexible online survey tool is what they needed to kindle customer engagement, they decided to use SurveySparrow after various other considerations. It is the sleek UI and straightforward survey process that attracted Brella and the fact that it was easy on their pocket, encouraged them to choose SurveySparrow. The conversational experience promised by the survey platform reassured Brella and thus the journey of completed surveys and engaged customers began.


Brella can now form information-driven perceptions and decisions at ease. The struggle to make sense out of unopened reminder emails and halfway-abandoned surveys are now a thing of the past. The youthful UI and chat-like experience were exactly what Brella needed. They experienced a huge spike in customer engagement on their surveys. The customers were seemingly enthusiastic to do their part with the surveys offered by SurveySparrow. Brella used these valuable data collected to prioritize their upcoming features. The advantages of using a lighter and fresh method of data collection showed when they could resolve their customer issues faster. And that was at less than half the time they used to spend earlier. In short, SurveySparrow proved to be “Better on the Pocket and Better on Metrics” for Brella!

We have been very satisfied with SurveySparrow and their customer support. The survey platform has helped us to gather user feedback in a very efficient way and their customer support has been very helpful and fast with any questions or problems.

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