wydr Increases Customer Engagement By 20% With Post Event Surveys

With Timo Hahn, Founder & CTO, wydr
Timo Hahn

Founder & CTO

About the Company

wydr is an open art-trading platform where people can buy original paintings. The platform has been streamlined in such a way that it works like the popular dating platform, Tinder. On wydr, art lovers can like or dislike the paintings, give artists recognition and reward them with a reasonable pay for their artworks.

When both founders, Matthias Dörner and Timo Han met during the course of their Executive MBA, they wanted to build something novel, which will help people find affordable but original art for homes. They brainstormed, worked on it, and wydr was born!

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As a part of its marketing campaigns, wydr runs around 8 startup weekends every year. Soon after the events the company did a post-event survey, which was ridiculously collected in paper forms! They had to reach out to each individual participant with dated, clumsy forms, collect them back, and analyze the results which was obviously taking a whole day out of a resource.

Come another event, this cumbersome manual process demanded a repeat from scratch. Not to mention how very distressing it turned out especially when a large audience attended the event and the feedback had to be collected from each one of them, manually!. The after effects- wydr had no second thoughts on hunting for a software that would do the job for them. And their requirements were pretty straightforward- the software needed to be powerful yet easy-to-use, help them run post-event surveys and even allow them to automate the process.


In their quest to identify the right software, wydr came across SurveySparrow. During the 14-day trial period of the software, wydr tested every feature that would make their post-event survey making, hassle-free.. The super-easy-to-use interface, chat-like experience, and features like Recurring Surveys and Audience Management pulled the eyeballs of Timo to zero-in on SurveySparrow without much ado.

Timo even prepared a survey questionnaire picking the Post Event Survey Template created by SurveySparrow experts, imported the audience list and sent them the survey via the built-in email share option. As the email template and survey were responsive to seamlessly support all major devices, it was a smooth landing from the email to the survey dashboard for the survey audience.

Simultaneously, Timo also enabled the Recurring Survey feature so that he didn’t have to create and send surveys again to the same audience. It was all automated once and for all.


Switching from paper forms to online survey software was one of the best decisions ever for wydr. It was not only a paradigm shift for their business but also made them part of a good social cause, that is to save trees!

The effectual execution enabling automation helped them save time and focus on their other priorities. The valuable feedback they collected from their audience helped them a lot in improving the events and their customers’ experience on wydr’s digital platforms. This in turn beefed-up their online presence with 20% higher website visitors as well as customer engagement, driving real value for the business.

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