What is a Chatbot for Website?

Chatbot for website is a computer program that acts as a virtual assistant and guides users via text messages or voice-based conversations. It is a fully-automated system that simulates real-life-like conversations through applications, tabile apps, or websites.

You can create a chatbot that's exclusive to your website rather than depending on third-party messenger services like Facebook Messenger & WeChat. The chatbot is embedded on your website and collects visitor data & feedback, which in turn enhances the user experience and audience engagement.

Feedbot: Our no-code Chatbot for Website

Create your chatbot, without any programming. Just like we created Feedbot.

No-code creation

Copy-paste the auto-generated embed code. Any change you make is reflected automatically.

Pipe & personalize

Add question piping & variables to keep it personalized. Create expressions to do mathematical computations effortlessly.

Conditional logic branching

Use our Display & Skip logic to design the flow of conversation. Choose only what’s relevant and skip the rest.

Design with Themes & CSS

Style your chatbot with a custom theme, or create a new one of your own. Add CSS to pixel-perfect it.

Analyze data in real-time

Study the data, filter responses, & export reports. Cross-tabulate responses with our Compare feature.

What’s more? Configure everything.


Display a card that auto-triggers and ask one question at a time to your users. When do you want to pop-up? After a certain time or a specific website scroll? It’s all up to you.


Design beautiful, engaging chatbots that get your actionable responses. Customize everything about your bot. Add an avatar or a picture, make it just as human.


Configure the height and width, and inline embed anywhere on your website. Data collection without any redirects.

Embed or WordPress shortcode

Simply use the embed code we generate automatically for you and add it to your website. For your WordPress websites, we’ve got the shortcode all ready for embed.

What are the benefits of using a
Chatbot for Website?

Increase lead

Embed a chatbot on all major landing pages of your website. Get lead info smoothly. Nurture & convert.


Provide personalized support to your users. Clarify their doubts, direct them to the correct source for any queries, and automate support.

Collect user experience

Chatbot for websites is an excellent means to gather user experience feedback and improve the functionalities of your website. Up your UX.

Enrich user

Use our conversational chatbot to engage with website visitors. Make it just like a real-life conversation and increase engagement.

Manage orders &

Deploy chatbots to manage orders for you and collect payments securely. Increase the volume, with minimum efforts.

Empower your
CX teams

Let the chatbot for website do all the groundwork so your customer success team can take things from thereon. Reduce efforts, boost productivity.

How to create a chatbot for website?

Here are simple steps to help you create a chatbot for your website.

Define the goal

Create Chatbot for website

Personalize & engage

Customize widget, style, triggering

Test first and then deploy

Integrate your Chatbot with any app

You’re in good company


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