Seamless Survey Share

One tool, many channels.

Get higher response rates & broader reach for surveys.

Share your surveys across diverse platforms and get excellent response rates.

Just a click to share your surveys effortlessly

In what many ways can you reach out

Built-in email

Customize everything- subject line, message, your logo, date of sharing. Even embed the first question in the email. Schedule surveys at periodic intervals and automate with recurring survey feature.

Built-in email share to reach your target audience through email surveys.

Unique link share

Create multiple shareable web links. Track it uniquely and find out your best-performing channels. Analyze the performance funnel.

Unique weblinks to share your surveys.

SMS survey share

Text your surveys to respondents. Customize your message neat & nice. Test it before sharing. Get greater open rates and more responses with SMS surveys.

Share surveys via SMS and get higher response rates for your online surveys.

Embedded surveys

Embed surveys anywhere on your website and get actionable data from visitors. Be it as a pop-up card, a chatbot for your website, or inline embedded anywhere on the site.

Embed surveys on your website without coding.

Social share

Share surveys on popular social media channels. Configure the meta tags, description, and add a unique image before sharing. Let it truly stand out.

Share surveys easily on social channels.

QR code

Get a scannable QR code for your survey. Download the code image and print it in pamphlets, posters, or receipts. Your respondents can access the survey by scanning the QR code.

Provide a scannable QR code to your respondents.

Email embed code

Get a simple code to embed your survey into popular email marketing tools, like MailChimp. Boost engagement and get greater completion rates easily.

Embed code to email marketing tools with email embed share option.

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Automate surveys with recurring feature.

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Build engaging surveys with greater response rates.

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