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All About Exit Interviews

So, What are these Exit Interviews?

In any organization, whenever employees are not comfortable with the work environment they exit. The reason for exiting can be pay, conflict with the managers, conflict with the colleagues, personal problems, or no challenges in the tasks.

So, in order to know the precise reasons behind an employee’s exit, companies conduct exit interviews. In the interviews questions about their style of work, professional relationships, stress issues, personal problems, etc are asked.

I see.. And, how are they helpful?

As mentioned above, exit interviews help in understanding the reasons for employee exit. When the reasons are clear, companies can work upon them to build a better work environment and improve their employee retention rates.

The exit interview serves as a metric to discover the aspects where the companies are falling short.

That’s good! Is it conducted by the company HR?


And, What exactly should be covered in an exit interview?

Most importantly, the employee must be made comfortable with the process. Not all companies carry out an exit interview process. Once an employee gives the resignation letter, most HRs begin working on the hiring process. They post job ads, shortlist resumes, and conduct interviews during the notice period of the resigned employee.

So, the employee may be new to this kind of interview and will tend to talk about only positive aspects of the job.

But, that won’t be useful for any company. So apart from having a casual conversation, HR must compel the employee to share the negative aspects of his job.

An ideal exit interview should cover the questions like,

  • What did you enjoy the most about your work?
  • Were you treated with respect by your subordinates, and managers?
  • Do you feel you were given enough training and assistance?
  • What are three things you did not like about our company?
  • Was your work aligned with your personal goals?

What if my employee declines the exit interview?

Some employees feel uncomfortable giving an exit interview or answering the questionnaire. In such cases, although you can make another request, professionally it is completely okay to decline the interview. A company cannot force an employee to give an exit interview.

Are there any disadvantages of exit interviews?

Yes. Here they are,

  • The information collected from the employee is of more importance to the company than the employee.
  • After an exit interview, there is no way the employee can ascertain if his inputs are being worked upon.
  • If not conducted on good terms, the professional relationship between the employee and the company may be affected.

How SurveySparrow’s Exit Interview Questionnaire will be of help?

As mentioned above, not every employee will be able to share frank reviews about the company right on the face of HR. When a questionnaire is given, it can be expected that he would be more open because it breaks the barrier of face-to-face presence.

With SurveySparrow, you can make your questionnaire interactive. It will not be just a form-filling activity. With its features, you can compel the employees to give transparent feedback. Use different types of question types to gather a comprehensive response.

If the employee has forgotten to fill the survey, you can also send automated reminders.

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