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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Features of our Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Key Features for Streamlining Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Surveysparrow offers a variety of features that can be useful for employee experience surveys. This employee satisfaction survey template can help HR teams and organizational leaders gain valuable insights into employee engagement, satisfaction, and other critical factors that contribute to the success and well-being of the company.

Customize For Your Needs

Using our drag-and-drop builder, HR teams can customize the appearance and layout of their employee experience survey to reflect their brand identity and create a visually appealing experience for employees.

For example, using the drag-and-drop builder, HR teams can create a survey that includes the company’s logo, uses the brand’s colors, and features an intuitive layout that is easy for employees to navigate. This can create a more engaging and personalized employee experience, increasing survey engagement and response rates.

HR teams can also use the customizable surveys feature to modify the questions and response options to collect specific information related to the employee experience. They can include questions that address employee engagement, job satisfaction, company culture, leadership effectiveness, and more. The ability to customize surveys ensures that the questions accurately reflect the information that HR teams want to gather from employees.

Mobile Friendly Surveys

Surveys need to be mobile-friendly and user-friendly with the increasing use of mobile devices. This mobile-optimized employee satisfaction survey is designed to be responsive and adjust to the user’s screen size, ensuring the survey is easily readable and navigable on any mobile device. This means employees can complete surveys on the go, regardless of location or device.

Mobile-optimized surveys are particularly useful for employee experience surveys because they provide flexibility and convenience for employees. Employees are often busy with work and personal commitments and may not have time to complete surveys on a desktop computer. Mobile-optimized surveys allow employees to complete the survey during a break while commuting or during any other free time.

Executive Dashboard

This feature provides a convenient way to monitor and analyze employee satisfaction data. This feature enables HR teams to easily pull data from multiple employee satisfaction surveys into one place for in-depth analysis and collaboration.

HR teams can closely monitor critical employee satisfaction metrics in just one click. The Journey charts feature enables ongoing improvement by identifying trends and patterns in the data.

Gone are the days of accessing multiple surveys to get a clear picture of employee satisfaction. The dashboard allows HR teams to pick and choose any employee satisfaction survey data and generate custom high-level dashboards. Additionally, multiple dashboards can be built on the same employee satisfaction survey data to uncover patterns and predict trends.

The clear and concise presentation of complex data provided by the Executive Dashboard makes it easy for all te members, from the front line to the C-suite, to collaborate and work together on insights. With this feature, HR teams can design actions that drive growth and improve employee satisfaction.

Recurring Employee Surveys

Save time and improve employee satisfaction survey response rates by automating the process with a scheduling feature.

With this feature, HR teams can set up periodic surveys for employees and schedule them to be sent out at any frequency they choose – daily, weekly, quarterly, or even on a specific day.

In addition, separate reminder emails can be sent to non-responders to encourage them to take the survey, and partial responders can receive gentle nudges to complete it. This helps to boost response rates and ensure that all employees can provide valuable feedback on their level of satisfaction.

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