AskNicely alternative that asks even more nicely to your audience

Want to do a lot more than just measure NPS? Get the best AskNicely alternative!

More than an NPS Platform

A business, like yours, has diverse data requirements. You require more than just a stand-alone NPS platform to collect insightful data.

SurveySparrow isn't just a customer experience platform which makes it the best AskNicely alternative for any data collection requirements.
SurveySparrow caters to CX and more

SurveySparrow’s versatile platform

This AskNicely alternative caters to multiple use-cases like performing market research or measuring employee satisfaction, customer engagement, and more. Get an all-rounder AskNicely alternative.

Why it

  • Meet to various data requirements easily
  • Dodge multiple purchases of online survey tools

Multi-brand NPS tracking

If you are a business looking to track and monitor the performance of your brands, run multiple NPS email surveys to assess performance. Track and monitor Net Promoter Scores using dedicated, individual dashboards.

SurveySparrow, the best AskNicely alternative, helps track your multiple brands and analyze performance.
SurveySparrow helps track your multiple brands

SurveySparrow’s multi-brand tracking system

SurveySparrow helps you assess the performance of all your sub-brands with multiple NPS surveys, each with its own unique dashboard.

Why it

  • Understand how different units of your brand performs
  • Get actionable insights on what’s amiss and how to improve

Pricing Plans

Here’s a side-by-side pricing comparison of AskNicely and its best alternative, SurveySparrow.






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